Entry Rules

Please read the following Entry Rules carefully and agree to them before submitting your entry.
By submitting an entry to the Sapporo Snow Photo Festival, you agree to the Entry Rules and cannot make any objections.
  • Administration of Sapporo Snow Photo Festival
All administration of the Sapporo Snow Photo Festival shall be conducted by Novello on behalf of the Sapporo Snow Festival Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrative Office"). The Administrative Office may modify these Entry Rules as it deems necessary and may take any other action necessary to ensure the proper administration of the Contest. In entering this Contest, entrants shall comply with the administration methods of the Administrative Office and shall not object to such administration methods in any way. This Contest is in no way affiliated with Instagram or Twitter.
  • How to Enter
Please post your entry on your own personal social media account after meeting the specified requirements listed in the Contest Information Section. Please note that entry submissions from private accounts will not be eligible. For those who do not want to post their entry on social media, please use the entry form on the official website. Please make sure that your entry submission meets the specified requirements in the Contest Information Section. Entry submissions that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted. Please note that multiple entry submissions are allowed, but only one photo may be posted per entry submission.
  • Announcements of Awards
The winners will be notified directly via direct message to the social media account they used to make their entry submission. In addition, those who submitted their entries through the official website will be contacted at their designated e-mail address. Please make sure that you are able to receive direct messages and e-mails via computer from our Administrative Office. If the winner is a minor, the award will be given only after confirmation and consent is obtained from the parent or guardian. Please note that awards may be invalidated if the information provided is incomplete, incorrect, or false, etc. If you delete your social media account or your entry submission before the date your award certification and prize are shipped, you will not be eligible for the prize and the prize will be forfeited.
  • Shipment of Award Certification and Prize
  • Shipment is limited to within Japan.
  • We will inform you of the approximate date of shipment via direct message or e-mail.
  • It is not possible to specify the shipping date, time, means, or vendor.
  • Rights to the award may not be transferred to a third party. In addition, rights to the award may not be exchanged for cash or other prizes.
  • The award may be voided if the winner's contact information is unknown, if the winner is unable to receive the shipment due to a change of address, an unknown address after moving, or absence when delivered, etc., or if the winner cannot be notified.
  • Privacy Policy
  • The personal information of entrants will only be used within the scope permitted by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and regulations for the purposes of conducting, administering, and promoting the Contest, including contacting entrants about the Contest, shipment of Award Certificates and Prizes, managing and posting submitted photos, and other related activities, as well as for the purpose of creating materials that do not identify specific individuals.
  • The name of the winning entrant and the location where the winning photo was taken will be published on the official website, official social media account, mass media, and press release for mass media.
  • Important Information
  • Please set your social media account to public. If your account is private, you will not be eligible to enter.
  • We will not accept any inquiries related to the selection process.
  • Minors must obtain the consent of a parent or guardian before submitting their entry. By submitting an entry, it shall be deemed that the parent or guardian has agreed to all of the information listed.
  • Entries cannot be the same or similar photos to those that have been or will be entered in other Contest, and must not have won a prize in any other contest in the past.
  • For entries showing the likeness of a third party or entries by a third party other than the entrant, all entries that include private information or copyrighted materials must have prior permission and approval from said holder of the rights to the photo (person with ownership of the photo) to enter the Contest and to be used by the Administrative Office.
  • Any and all matters arising from infringements or potential infringements on rights of likeness, intellectual property rights, copyrights, publicity rights, or other rights of third parties by the entry shall be handled by the entrant at their own expense and responsibility, and the Administrative Office shall not be involved in any way.
  • The Administrative Office shall not be responsible for any damages incurred by the entrant or any third party due to the use of the submitted entry.
  • All rights, including copyrights, must belong to the entrant at the time the entry is submitted.
  • The copyright of the submitted entry belongs to the creator, but the right to use the submitted entry belongs to the organizer, who may use the submitted entry for publicity and promotion purposes for multiple objectives free of charge, with no fixed period of use.
  • Regardless of whether the entry is awarded or not, the entrant agrees that the submitted entry may be used free of charge for an unlimited period of time in web media, mass media, official social media accounts, and press releases for mass media.
  • We may crop the posted image and take excerpts of some of the accompanying information, etc. when using it on our website, in various media, or for promotional purposes. In such cases, please note that we will not contact the entrant or have the entrant confirm the contents we plan to publish in advance.
  • If we determine that the account for which you have made your entry is a dummy account, sub-account, or third party account that is not actually in use, we may cancel your eligibility to participate in the Contest and your winnings.
  • Other Important Information
  • Entrants will be responsible for all Internet connection and communication charges related to their entry in this Contest.
  • The Administrative Office assumes no responsibility for any software or hardware problems or other damages that may occur during the entry process.
  • We are taking a high level of caution to administer this Contest. However, we do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, safety, or usefulness of the information, programs, services, or any other matters related to this Contest.
  • The Administrative Office assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any problems that may occur due to the operating environment of Instagram, Twitter, or related applications, or problems with the network environment, etc., that may prevent you from posting or submitting your entry.
  • The organizer reserves the right to exclude the submitted entry from the judging process without notifying the entrant if the content of the entry falls under any of the following.
  1. Entries which violate the Entry Rules.
  2. Entries that are contrary to or may be contrary to public order and morals.
  3. Entries that infringe or may infringe on the copyrights, rights of likeness, or other rights of third parties.
  4. Entries which slander a third party or infringe on their privacy or pose the risk of doing so.
  5. Entries which violate laws and regulations, can lead to criminal acts or pose the risk of doing so.
  6. Entries that the organizer deems inappropriate for the purpose of this Contest, etc.
  7. Photos that the organizer deems to have been significantly photo-shopped or staged for a photo session, etc.
  8. Entries that interfere with the proper judgment or administration of the Contest or pose the risk of doing so.
  9. Entries whose data is indecipherable.
  10. Any activity that uses the Contest for providing information or advertising with the purpose of profit or for solicitation.
  11. Submission of obscenity, child pornography, or photos that promote the sexual exploitation of children.
  12. Political activities, election activities, religious activities, or other similar activities.
  13. Actions that violate the terms of use of Instagram and Twitter or laws and regulations.
  • Please note that we may not be able to contact winners or send out prizes if any of the following actions or settings, etc. are deemed to have been made.
  1. Unfollowing the official account of the Sapporo Snow Photo Festival.
  2. Changing the account name of your Twitter and/or Instagram account.
  3. Unsubscribing from Twitter and/or Instagram.
Entrants are deemed to have agreed to all the entry information on this website and these Entry Rules before submitting their entries.

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